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Another slam against men

Do Men Have the Right to an Abortion? | RHRealityCheck.org

In typical fashion, Ms. Marconette mocks and then quickly writes off the notion that men have any sort of “choice” when it comes to terminating their parenthood. Let’s go down this point one by one:

1. Ms. Marconette focuses merely on the physical aspects of abortion (i.e “It’s based in the assumption that all people have that basic right to control their own body and their own fertility.”). Yes, Ms. Marconette, and fertility doesn’t stop there. Men have been granted the right to abortions before–in terms of being able to terminate implantation of a frozen egg. By the way, those weren’t exactly “walks in the park”
2. Ms. Marconette ticks off the ways in which men can control their own parenting (“Men are not being blocked by anti-choice protesters, by state laws, by federal laws or by judgmental pharmacists from getting access to the tools to control their own fertility, from condoms to vasectomies”). While failing to note that women have all of those options, if not more (IUD, the pill, the patch, the female condom, etc). Plus, women have two additional options not easily available to men:

  • They can physically abort easier than men.
  • They can either place the child up for adoption or “abandon” the child at a hospital fireplace or other designated stations (try this: have a man deliver a baby up to any of those places and say that he wants to give up his child. If he doesn’t come away in handcuffs, I will definitely be surprised.).
  • We therefore have two options that men are not entitled to, yet Ms Marconette mocks these men as whiners when they try to exercise the only option that they have when they are denied the “advantages of living with the family” (ie. being in a meaningful role for their children other than bank account and ATM).

    I would encourage you to go there and comment for Ms. Marconette, as I have done in the example below:

    After reading this column I have to thank you. For far too long I have wondered about what example to give people when they want to know what fathers face from the family court. Your pure, unbridled vitriol and hatred directed towards men who you pathetically term “whiners” is a beautiful example, and for that I thank you. This is one column that I will definitely keep as a permalink for my readers to show them. I am almost inclined to cite this as an example of extremist feminism and matriarchism in this country, but I wouldn’t want you to think you are more important than you really are. Thanks for the hatred and the half-cocked opinions.

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Pimping to pay off the CSE “chlid pimps”

Man who owes more than $70K in child support made some payments by pimping

All jokes aside, you can’t do that. I would condone dealing drugs to pay off child support before I condoned this garbage (in other words, a day after eternity). And you certainly can’t pay off that debt by bullying, assaulting, and intimidating others.

As an aside, I wonder how many other people have been driven to illegal activities in order to pay off their child support? Not that it’s okay, but you wonder if somebody is pushing dope or stealing in order to make those payments. Well, maybe it is justified. After all, it is the “best interests of the children.”

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Wonder if God got the subpoena?

The Associated Press: Pastor’s Wife: Church Is a Divorce Asset

First off, if what the Pastor’s wife says is true this is horrendous and this man needs to be removed from financial responsibility of that church. The majority of pastors (whether you agree with them or not) are hardworking honest people, which is why these accusations need to be treated seriously. You do not need a man running a house of god (or any non-profit institution, for that matter) to be treating it like his “own personal piggy bank”.

But the solution is not to bring the church and its members in and divide what they have put forward to the church between two people in a private dispute. The solution. . .well, part of the solution involves putting this man in another institution for a while, one with bars of the non communal type.

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Guess who’s back

Report: Family wants Tawana Brawley case reopened – CNN.com

In case you don’t remember this case, Tawana Brawley was the woman who claimed that a group of white men raped her, smeared her with feces, then scrawled racial slurs on her body. A grand jury ultimately concluded that the whole story was a hoax, which I think they did after indicting a ham sandwich earlier in the day.

Well, now Brawley’s mother and stepfather have demanded that this whole case be resurrected. “New York state owes my daughter. They owe her the truth,” said Glenda Brawley. She may be listed as the mother, but she has to have a big hairy set to say that.
No ma’am, the state does not owe your daughter the truth. Actually your daughter owed the state the truth, but apparently she wouldn’t know the truth if it cornered her in an alley and . . .well, you know.

And on this one, I have to commend CNN for not repeating the name of one of the men implicated in the case, who won a defamation case against Brawley, Sharpton (real surprise to see him in the middle of this one), and others. That is one man who is owed at least some peace of mind.

What is even funnier is that the mother and stepfather (and note the absence of Ms Brawley, who has changed her name and become a nurse) present no new evidence. Instead they demand that Spitzer and Cuomo re-investigate this case. Based on what? The first time, they did not even have enough evidence to convince a grand jury, but now they “owe (their daughter) the truth”? Sure they do.

I’m not one to believe in conspiracies for the most part, but doesn’t anybody else think of this as a little bit convenient based upon the marches for the hate crimes that happened over this past week around the Justice Department? If this is a conspiracy, it’s not the smartest one put together, but you have to wonder.

Anyway, Mike Nifong thinks this group needs to check themselves. We are still (at least on paper) a society where you are innocent until proven guilty, and definitely innocent if you cannot even get past a grand jury

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A situation I hope I never find myself in.

Paternity shock begets push to test babies – National – theage.com.au

I would hope that I never was in this sort of situation, but I can’t really tell you right now. And if you’ve not had a DNA test, you really can’t either. That’s not a slur on your partners, or saying that there’s any proof, but outside of that test, you just do not know. Even if you are 99.999999999 percent sure, unless you were attached to that person 24 7 there is always going to be the possibility. The mother in the relationship holds the ultimate trump card in that she knows all the possible fathers; the father, on the other hand, does not.

And I love the story about the father who cut the umbilical cord, tattooed his child’s name and then was told by the mother that he wasn’t the father. And by love I mean absolutely deplore. And what about the mother telling them? I’m sure that didn’t harm the child any to have his paternity used as a weapon.

Now these fathers are being cut out of their children’s lives. Well, at least their rights are, which really isn’t that different from this side of the Pacific. I wonder if their money is being returned? Nah, that would harm the child, as opposed to what the mother did. No harm, no cash, no foul.

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Where’s the motivation for the government?

Reform child support to encourage parents to pay — baltimoresun.com

While I undoubtedly say Amen to all of what Mr. Cohen says, he must realize that is an uphill battle. The state has a sword of Damocles to dangle over the head of non custodial parents and particularly fathers. Oppose them, and you look like you are opposing children. Do you think the state will willingly give that up? If you had those powers to collect any other type of debt, would you willingly give them up? I don’t think you would, and it looks like we’re going to have to pry that power out of the CSE’s cold, dead hands.

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Let justice ring

Macomb Daily : Dad not guilty of felony child support charge 11/17/07

Too often I read about this or that father being sentence to two, three years of hard labor (which really improves their odds of paying child support, by the way), so it’s nice to hear that one father was actually acquitted of these charges. And I don’t really like to do negative after negative story without breaking it up.

Corey Flener found the prospect of four years in the slam and a fine lifted when a jury decided the state had failed to prove him guilty of “felony child support” (I love that phrasing. I’m sure what they meant was felony non payment of child support but the other has more meaning to me as well).

Keep in mind that this doesn’t completely get him out of the way of jail time. He still faces a civil show-cause hearing (where the burden is much lighter for the state) for failure to pay two $2,300 lump sum amounts. But at least the felony mark is off the table for now.

The action was brought by the Michigan State Attorney General’s office as a crackdown on child support. Glad to see Cox’s still burning that midnight oil.

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CSE workers see child support as their own: no bleep, Sherlock

Woman says she stole to pay for casino trips – News – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington

As I say on these stories when they come up, you have to wonder whether these are rogue caseworkers or whether they’re just taking what they learn on the job to the next level. I wonder if she tipped any single mothers or fathers up there. You could say that’s child support. It doesn’t help the children it’s meant for, but then again when does the interest and penalty help the children either.

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Another bit of good news for fathers on child support

Broward mayor won’t pay support for child he fathered 20 years ago — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

Surprisingly out of Florida, a father will not have to pay for a child that he fathered 20 years ago because the mother already collected child support from the presumed father. A magistrate found that Broward County Mayor Josephus Eggelleton won’t have to pay for a child that he acknowledged as his.

There are two thoughts out of this.  The first is that at least the system found that a mother can’t dip her hand in the piggy bank twice for child support.  That’s good.  And I love how the lawyer can say with a straight face that the child shouldn’t be punished:

Sanders’ attorney, Robert Barrar, said Tuesday he intends to appeal Beilly’s decision. “The child should be entitled to compensation. The child shouldn’t be penalized for what happened all those years ago,” he said.

And exactly how is not paying your client, the mother, because she already got paid “punishing” the child. If anything, the child was just as punished by your client not revealing to her son who his father was or might be. Why isn’t the child suing the mother for withholding that little bit of information.

I said that there were two thoughts on this one. The second thought is as to the man who paid for the child support. Shouldn’t he be compensated? After all, even if you allow for the fact that somebody could have more than two parents, that would mean that his duty to support his child should have been halved. And if he should be compensated, then by whom? By the mayor, or by the mother?

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Please, don’t do the cse job for them.

FayObserver.com – Current Article Page

Bad enough when they try to make us live barely above poverty level.  It’s worse when we start offing ourselves for them.  I’m not whitebread enough to say things like “Club Fed” or imply that prison is a walk in the park, but try to keep things in perspective.
Well, there are at least two more kids who won’t have much child support anymore.  Then again, did they have any life insurance on them?  I’m sure the Scotland Child Support Enforcement Agency is hard at work on that question.  No sense mourning the dead, I suppose.

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