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Like him or not, he’s kinda got a point

Lambert Responds To AMA Outrage: “I think it’s because I’m a gay male”

Rodriguez asked, “Do you think it’s because you’re a male or do you think it’s because you’re gay?” “Both, I think it’s a double-whammy. I think it’s because I’m a gay male and I think people haven’t seen that before.” Adam responded.

Recall the last 15 years or so and how much faux girl-on-girl action during award shows that has been crammed down our throats. And now the outrage over one guy-on-guy incident. It is hypocritical.

Now the part of the story where he says that he was surprised that his actions would generate so much controversy is enough bullshit to justify dragging out the hip-waders. You are a gay male living in America: how do you not know that your performance will generate a controversy. And given that you are an entertainer working on controversy you have to know that. But his point about the double-standard is well taken.


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What you didn’t pull the “best interests of the child” card?

Man buys truck, can’t get tag – News – WSAV.com – Savannah / Hilton Head

Many of you have dealt with the DMV before, which is about as pleasant as going to the doctor for your annual meet-and-greet with “Mr. Jellyfinger”, as one of my favorite radio sports hosts dubbed the dude who did the prostate exam.  It’s no fun.  You have to have your paperwork in gear, you have to wait for an inordinate amount of time.  And I love how those places always seem to be adequattely staffed.  For instance, I’ve never seen three or more booths in a row empty while thirty people are waiting.
And as we all know, the CSE loves ripping the rights of non custodials, and that includes ripping driver’s licenses or ripping tags or the ability to get new tags.  Somedays I wonder why they don’t cut to the chase and start enslaving non custodials literally.  Then again, maybe I shouldn’t.  I know if brains were dynamite some CSEs couldn’t blow their noses.  That should tell me how dangerous ideas are in their presence.
It’s bad enough when you have a severe child support debt and can’t get a car (which hampers your ability to do things like get a job or income.  Minor things, those).  Even worse is when the reason you can’t get that car tagged is because the owner  has a child support lien on the car.  That’s what happened in this case.
And the CSE administrator goes through the child support enforcement agency playbook.  He minimizes the damage, he quotes verbatum from administrative guidelines.  Just about the only thing he doesn’t do in this case is pull the “it’s the best interests of the child” card (at least directly).  Perhaps its was the presence of a reporter or a camera.
Also David Lowe, head parasite down at the Child Support Enforcement agency, says that it “really doesn’t happen all that often”.  While it would be good to take him at his word, I think I would like some numbers just to be sure.  After all, if a Texas state attorney general can refer to $600 or $700 as “a couple of hundred” in child support, I suspect it might happen a little more often than Mr. Lowe suggests.
Oh yeah, I fired off an e-mail to CARFAX and to the reporter in question, but so far on CARFAX they don’t seem to have a record for child support liens.  That could make background checking a little hard.  Anyway props for Mr. Lowe doing what his underlines he should have  and only when the reporter came calling.  That says “responsibility” and “prompt action” like nothing ever will.

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A couple of points here

Sorry that I haven’t been posting here as of late, but most of my work has been over at the NCP Revue (http://www.ncprevue.com/blog).  I’ll try to update this site as much as I can, but you really should go over to the NCP Revue for the most currrent content and comments.

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Let Aussie rules prevail

Australia hands over man to US courts – National – theage.com.au

I think I can say, first and foremost, I am a patriot.  This is my country, right or wrong, but always my country.  I owe allegiance to it and to its laws, and if I break them, I am tried in their courts.

But I don’t think the same can be said of Hew.  Hew was extradited to stand trial in the United States even though he had never set one foot within our borders.  He hasn’t lived here, he hasn’t voted here, yet somehow he can be tried here.  Were the situation reversed, and a US citizen were extradited, we’d be fit to be tied.

There are also a few other things that are just priceless in this story:  "But Drink or Die’s activities did cost American companies money — an estimated $US50 million ($A60 million), if legal sales were substituted for illegal downloads undertaken through Drink or Die. It also raised the ire of US authorities."

That priceless word "if".  If legal sales were substituted for illegal downloads.  Doesn’t that assume–and we all know what that does–that these people given the choice between not having the software and having it would pony up the cash?  And if they had the cash at that point, why wouldn’t they have bought it in the first place?


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Imus: the more you say about others. . .

In as cliched as it is and in as much as I hate living by cliches (*cough*AA*cough*), I truly believe that every finger you point at somebody else points four more fingers back at you, and this is what happened to Don Imus.

Here’s what I think about the words, however: those words did not turn those Rutgers basketball players into nappy headed hos any more than the people who called MLK Jr into an ape turned him into an ape. What they did show is that they (the racists) were the ones down on the evolutionary scale. Same thing with Ann Coulter dropping a three-letter f bomb on Edwards. No matter how cute she tried to turn the insult, she marred her physical beauty with ugly that cute to the bone. And the same thing with Don Imus.

Now, do I think that he should be fired? I don’t know. I’m not a fan of Don Imus and I don’t watch his schnitck often enough to make an informed decision, but here’s what I do know: I’ve seen him and his clowns use other insults against other people rather than arguments. If you are going to fire him just for this, what does that say about the other slams he has made against other people? Smack them for their religion, for their political beliefs in a way that doesn’t open discussion, but the moment you step across race you are gone?

I don’t think Imus is racist in the sense that he believes honestly that caucasians are superior to black people. But I do think it shows a bias and a stereotypical thinking about blacks. He has biases against other groups as well. Does that make them any better?

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Sometimes, you just gotta draw the line somewhere

Teen tried to hire hit man to kill ex-girlfriend’s fetus – CNN.com

I caught wind of this story from an e-mail list, Legalize Choice 4 Men, under the subject line "Lack of C4M Leads to Another ruined life".  With all due respect to LC4M–and I believe that they have a lot to their arguments–this is one place that I will not go.

I am nearing 30 in my own life, and so the memories of being a teenager are fading fast, but I can remember the distant times where everything was a life or death situation.  Every choice, every thing that you do at that age threatens to elevate your life to pure bliss or slam it into the pits of hell.  If you don’t go out with that girl, you’re going to die.  If you don’t make the sports team, you’re going to die.  Well, I have news for you.  I’m still living, and I didn’t make one team or make it to first base with a girl.

But through all of that I never contemplated murder to the point of asking around for a hitman about it.  And while we’re at it, a word to all you would be assassins and godfathers; have you just been watching way too much gangland movies, or do you really think that everybody knows an assassin?  Do you think we all keep the number of "Joey V" down the street in case we have a leak that needs to be fixed?

The kid’s lawyer said that his client was, "is an intelligent young man who got bad advice."  Apparently he wasn’t smart enough to realize that this had no chance in hell of working, but if the lawyer is correct, who ever gave him that advice should be sitting in a cell next to this kid.


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OT: Dobson questions another person’s faith.

Dobson: Thompson must express faith – CNN.com


This, is what drove me from organized religion:  people questioning each others faith.  Unless Dobson has some sort of crystal ball, he really doesn’t know what Fred Thompson believes or does not believe.  So, quite frankly, he should concern himself more with his faith than with that of another person.

Am I alone in thinking that one of the most hypocritical things in the world is somebody saying that another person doesn’t believe enough, that somebody isn’t spiritual enough.  Whether it’s religion or "spirituality" (read, a bunch of ex-drunks at AA questioning each other over the "quality" of their sobriety), one man does not know what another man thinks, let alone what he believes.    Hell, claiming that you know what God wants is a little bit arrogant let alone you know it better than another man, don’t you think?

And why is this on the NCP Revue?  Well, Dobson has set himself up as an enemy of shared custody, so any chance to examine the man is going to get on our board.


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Will they ever learn?

Pizza boxes carry deadbeat mug shots – Yahoo! News

Well, at least you can give this to the Cincinatti Department that Can’t Steal Enough: at least they got permission first.

Of course, the fact that they’re humiliating fathers (and the occasional token female: I wonder if you get a discount if you turn in a pizza box with a female on it.) for not paying an arbitrary number a judge decided on.  There’s a good way to build strong, healthy families.

And if any of you are in the Cincinatti area, I urge you to call Karen’s Pizzarea and any other joints that engage in this humiliation campaign and tell them exactly where they can shove their pies.  And as for the kiddies: you can’t get your dads back, but you can get an extra slice of pepperoni.  Enjoy.


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Yeah, because Democracy in DC is best as a theoretical

White House opposes DC vote in the House – Yahoo! News

This is one of those times where I will go off the boards for something that has nothing to do with anything, but I felt compelled to say something about this.

There are going to be arguments about representatives and "amongst the people of the states", but here’s what it comes down to for me.  We fought a bunch of British bastards over "taxation without representation".  Here’s the deal: DC residents pay federal taxes, they should vote.  I don’t care how you do it, if you have to give an extra vote to Utah to seal the deal, if you have to do it via a Constitutional Amendment, you give residents of DC a vote, or you give them back their tax money.


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Last post on Pueblonative.com

Most goodbyes are sad affairs, but this one is actually a happy one. That is because, beginning tomorrow, we will no longer be located at http://www.pueblonative.com/blog. And why is that, you may ask? That is because we are going to a new home:


That’s right, we are finally a top level domain. We are finally going to be rolling out a completely new home. A blog? That’s just the start of things. Think web forums and other areas where we will be communicating about child support, child custody, shared custody, and issues that matter to us, all of us.

As for pueblonative.com, I have other plans for this domain that are more local. I’m a native of Pueblo, Colorado, and damn proud of that. For better or for worse, Pueblo is my home, and the shindigs that we will be doing here will be to promote Pueblo, CO around the world.

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