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If you’re in Pennsylvania, do support this man!

Man vows to fight paternity statute | Wilkes-Barre News | timesleader.com – The Times Leader

Mark Spaid is fighting a centuries-old doctrine known as presumption of paternity. Under this doctrine, a child is presumed to be that of the parents if it is born during a marriage so that “no child shall be made a bastard”.

And up to the modern era, the doctrine made sense to a certain degree. With the only accurate test at the time being a blood test, you could have arguments about paternity go on and on and on with no real ending to it.

Of course, this is pre-DNA and pre genetic testing that can establish a child’s paternity to 99.999 percent certainty. Yet like several other areas, the law has not caught up yet. In fact, in this area, the law has not even gotten out of the starting gate. One could make very wild speculations about the reasoning (irrational things like the state’s interest in a constant revenue flow), but the fact remains that this needs to be changed and people like Mr. Spaid should be applauded for their efforts.

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