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Well if he’s that stressed, maybe he needs a new job

Jailings Over Ringing Cell Get Judge Ousted – News Story – WFTV Orlando

I think this is a perfect metaphor for what is happening in our family court system, by the way. You have our judicial system snapping over one person then summarily throwing all of the defendants behind bars without a fair trial for their own behavior. The only difference here is that the thought of getting his picture plastered in the paper for this asinine action jerked the judge back into reality. In the family court system in general, they don’t get either the publicity or the point of their inane actions that make men prisoners or paupers while lining their own pockets and doing nothing for the children.

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Wonder if God got the subpoena?

The Associated Press: Pastor’s Wife: Church Is a Divorce Asset

First off, if what the Pastor’s wife says is true this is horrendous and this man needs to be removed from financial responsibility of that church. The majority of pastors (whether you agree with them or not) are hardworking honest people, which is why these accusations need to be treated seriously. You do not need a man running a house of god (or any non-profit institution, for that matter) to be treating it like his “own personal piggy bank”.

But the solution is not to bring the church and its members in and divide what they have put forward to the church between two people in a private dispute. The solution. . .well, part of the solution involves putting this man in another institution for a while, one with bars of the non communal type.

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So interesting, even the media comments about it

Deadbeat mom owes thousands in child support

Why is this so interesting? From surveys conducted by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, it’s more common for a male custodial parent to get shafted than it is a female.
Oh, I get it, it’s the fact that the press is actually running with a story like this. One that has not only a deadbeat mother but her debt as well.

I understand that it is an estimate, and we’re not even counting penalties and interest and that sort of thing, but according to the calculator, if that debt has been ticking off at a constant rate, we’ve got $166/month. Now that’s more like the “couple of hundred” bucks DA Abbot said all those evil deadbeats would have had to pay, as opposed to what we calculated they would have really had to owed to come up with that fast of an arrears.
And I will not pile on her just because she’s a woman. It gives a name, length of time, and an amount owed, that’s it. It doesn’t explain the circumstances or what she has gone through. Just here’s a deadbeat let’s throw her to the dogs. Ain’t justice grand?

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Here’s another state with a good idea

    Legislative Gazette

    New York State to offer tax credits to non custodial parents who pay on time.

    Of course, it’s kinda ironic that the state that elected the dreaded Hillary Clinton actually thought a little bit and offered a carrot to non custodial fathers, but I’m good with it.

    And yes, maybe you might say it’s too little, but I think any effort in which the government tries to help fathers instead of persecuting them should be applauded. After all, how can you expect them to change if you don’t positively recognize them for the good things that they do when they do them (occasionally).

    The only question I have is, does retroactive child support count for the year where they must be in good standing? I can deal with the idea that you need to be paid up on the current year, PROVIDED that the child support starts from the court order and moves forward, not simply being placed back two years or more.

    It seems from this that New York didn’t buy into the whole notion that a tax credit for child support is a “tax cut for divorce”. That argument needs to be shown for the bull it is. First, it ignores the fact that child support can still be assessed even when you are married, as in my case. Secondly, married couples get a double dipping; first, because they are married, their tax rates are lower, and then the child credit counts for both parents, not just one. Given that, I don’t see how you can really oppose giving a non custodial parent some help. It’s not like you’re completely putting them on equal status with the married couples.

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Hey ladies!


According to this judge, you’re incompetent to engage in business deals
for the benefit of your children. How’s that for feminism for ya?
And if you don’t think that way: ask yourself this. She signed the
deal, and he signed the deal, but she’s still getting cash for it.
Clearly the judge thought there was no ill intent. In other words, she
was stupid, not criminal…A Democrat, in short.

And if your conservative, don’t crow too hard. You flip them around, you have a Republican…well, pre-Dubya, that is.

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