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This is just plain jacked up

The Denver Post – Lawyers awarded property next door

I think I’ve found a first. This is the first story I’ve read today that makes all the child support stories (the “deadbeat dads”, the verbatum quotations of the law without any mercy for those who have fallen on hard times) seem reasonable and rational. A judge used a legal loophole to steal the property of a couple because they had been trespassing right across it for 25 years.

And to make this even odder, even the citizens of the People’s Republic of Boulder are up in arms about this one (odd; the first time that I seen them up in arms when beer and football weren’t involved). Don’t get me wrong, they should be. This pretty much makes trespassing a reasonable way to acquire property at low cost.

Oh and yeah, the legal oversight committee won’t discipline them for ethics violations. Sure, sure, Boulder’s version of CYA is in full effect. As one person suggested, I’d go over there with a backhoe and some salt. Hell, now you have to wonder if you see a kid going across your lawn, do you call the police or take care of things yourself (I’m being sarcastic on the latter. . .well, mostly)? You don’t let it go, at least not in the PRB. It could end up being a land grab.

So to the Boulder City Council, keep telling yourselves that you’re really not four miles left of I25 and four miles left of reality. You may believe it one day, even though nobody else will.

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So apparantly, I should head up to Cripple Creek.

Rocky Mountain News – Denver and Colorado’s reliable source for breaking news, sports and entertainment: Government

Why is it that when I get behind in child support, all of a sudden luck starts blooming in every other part of my life.  I become some sort of financial wunderkind to where I get thousands upon thousands of dollars back in tax rebates; I hit the Irish Sweepstakes again and again . . .

This is not a bad idea; it’s a stupid one.  There’s a difference, believe it or not.  I don’t necessarily believe the concept is completely far off, but given the odds of winning big over the casinos, you’re not going to get diddly in terms of child support.  Besides, how in the hell do you enforce this one?  Do you have a CSE worker standing over every row of slot machines?  Do you have to show your ID before you hit 21?

And in regards to this quote: "Takis and Judd said requiring casinos in Cripple Creek, Central City and Black Hawk to collect back child support is no different from private business collecting sales taxes or employers garnishing wages."  Ah, but there is a difference.  Sales taxes help businesses in terms of roads and law enforcement, stuff that generally speaking commerce likes.  It really doesn’t help if you start driving away your customers, does it?

And I love the fact that they quoted advocates of battered women.  Apparantly, if you’re a deadbeat and like to gamble, 21’s not the only thing you love to hit.


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If you are in Colorado, e-mail your senator now!

SB 07-056

This is Colorado Senate Bill 07-056, which would eliminate the “speak now or forever hold your peace.” portion of DNA testing and paternity fraud. An article on what this provision has done to one man can be found here:

Call your senators, call your reps, call Gov. Ritter, and tell them you want the law to be just as harsh on somebody who lies in order to entrap somebody into parental responsibilities as you do for some one who deliberately evades them in the first place.

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