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This is just plain jacked up

The Denver Post – Lawyers awarded property next door

I think I’ve found a first. This is the first story I’ve read today that makes all the child support stories (the “deadbeat dads”, the verbatum quotations of the law without any mercy for those who have fallen on hard times) seem reasonable and rational. A judge used a legal loophole to steal the property of a couple because they had been trespassing right across it for 25 years.

And to make this even odder, even the citizens of the People’s Republic of Boulder are up in arms about this one (odd; the first time that I seen them up in arms when beer and football weren’t involved). Don’t get me wrong, they should be. This pretty much makes trespassing a reasonable way to acquire property at low cost.

Oh and yeah, the legal oversight committee won’t discipline them for ethics violations. Sure, sure, Boulder’s version of CYA is in full effect. As one person suggested, I’d go over there with a backhoe and some salt. Hell, now you have to wonder if you see a kid going across your lawn, do you call the police or take care of things yourself (I’m being sarcastic on the latter. . .well, mostly)? You don’t let it go, at least not in the PRB. It could end up being a land grab.

So to the Boulder City Council, keep telling yourselves that you’re really not four miles left of I25 and four miles left of reality. You may believe it one day, even though nobody else will.

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