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No, here’s where you’re ‘100 percent wrong’

Give gift of child support at holidays – Roanoke.com

E-mail sent to Ms. Flowers. And as always, if she replies, I publish.

Ms. Flowers:

I caught your column regarding child support and thought I would clarify where you are ‘100 percent wrong’.
“In 2006, “tax intercepts” collected $33 million from federal returns and $2 million from the state. The money was forwarded to the children to whom it was owed.”
Not if they were on welfare it wasn’t. In those cases, the majority of the child support went back to the state, not the child. And we’re not even looking at the interest and penalty the state profits from using children as skillfully as a modern day Fagan. Don’t just believe me, check out http://freeinternetpress.com/story.php?sid=14474
And we look at the picture that you paint of greedy men evading child support (and if you want another idea for a column, check out why the percentage is 88/12 in terms of child support. If I said that something was 88/12 black/white, wouldn’t you want to know why that was). You don’t seem to even mention the parents who were jailed or sued: