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Like him or not, he’s kinda got a point

Lambert Responds To AMA Outrage: “I think it’s because I’m a gay male”

Rodriguez asked, “Do you think it’s because you’re a male or do you think it’s because you’re gay?” “Both, I think it’s a double-whammy. I think it’s because I’m a gay male and I think people haven’t seen that before.” Adam responded.

Recall the last 15 years or so and how much faux girl-on-girl action during award shows that has been crammed down our throats. And now the outrage over one guy-on-guy incident. It is hypocritical.

Now the part of the story where he says that he was surprised that his actions would generate so much controversy is enough bullshit to justify dragging out the hip-waders. You are a gay male living in America: how do you not know that your performance will generate a controversy. And given that you are an entertainer working on controversy you have to know that. But his point about the double-standard is well taken.


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Can Prosecutors Charge Calif. Gange Rape Witnesses for Doing Nothing? – ABC News

California is one of the few states that has a law on its books in which witnesses are required to report a sex crime against a minor or risk prosecution. However, the law, which was passed in 2000 and named for 7-year-old victim Sherrice Iverson, applies only to minor children younger than 14 years of age.

“Unfortunately California law does not allow you to arrest a person for witnessing a sex crime if the victim is over the age of 14,” Lt. Mark Gagan of the Richmond Police Department told ABC News KGO-TV.

I have to go with what Penn said on a video blog (and I’ll have to research this one to get the link): if somebody says “there otta be a law, usually there shouldn’t.” And this applies doubly here.

Let’s get this out of the way: the people that stood out there and watched this and did nothing have nothing to be proud of. I may not want them to go to jail, but that doesn’t make them good people. Far from it. A good person would have at least called to make the report. So they are not good people, at least in that particular incident.

But not being a good Samaritan should not be grounds for jail time, nor should it be a requirement that citizens make the police’s job easier by coming forward. And attaching a jail sentence wouldn’t do any wonders. In fact, it would create a 5th Amendment situation. Say somebody didn’t want to say anything at the time, but later built up the courage to do the right thing. By doing that, they would be admitting that they violated the law and becoming a witness against themselves.

Plus there is an alternative scenario. I hate to break it to you, but child predators sometimes mix in a bad crowd. I know, it’s shocking. If somebody happened to be doing something unseemly themselves (say drugs or whatnot), they are in a classic Catch 22. Don’t report it and run afoul of the law. Do report it and they incriminate themselves. I’m only surprised that this law hasn’t been struck down as unconstitutional.

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$30 to $40? Damn he got off easy!

Child Support Payments Taken From Wrong Man

Of course I’m joking with that headline, but compared to how much they take out of my paycheck each and every two weeks, it’s relatively tame. Still, a penny unearned is a penny unearned. I think Mr. Garcia also learned what bureaucrats and cockroaches have in common: it takes the light (flashlight or publicity) to really get them moving. So keep publicizing those tales to the press. It only takes one brick to bring the whole thing tumbling down on them.

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No, here’s where you’re ‘100 percent wrong’

Give gift of child support at holidays – Roanoke.com

E-mail sent to Ms. Flowers. And as always, if she replies, I publish.

Ms. Flowers:

I caught your column regarding child support and thought I would clarify where you are ‘100 percent wrong’.
“In 2006, “tax intercepts” collected $33 million from federal returns and $2 million from the state. The money was forwarded to the children to whom it was owed.”
Not if they were on welfare it wasn’t. In those cases, the majority of the child support went back to the state, not the child. And we’re not even looking at the interest and penalty the state profits from using children as skillfully as a modern day Fagan. Don’t just believe me, check out http://freeinternetpress.com/story.php?sid=14474
And we look at the picture that you paint of greedy men evading child support (and if you want another idea for a column, check out why the percentage is 88/12 in terms of child support. If I said that something was 88/12 black/white, wouldn’t you want to know why that was). You don’t seem to even mention the parents who were jailed or sued:

Well if he’s that stressed, maybe he needs a new job

Jailings Over Ringing Cell Get Judge Ousted – News Story – WFTV Orlando

I think this is a perfect metaphor for what is happening in our family court system, by the way. You have our judicial system snapping over one person then summarily throwing all of the defendants behind bars without a fair trial for their own behavior. The only difference here is that the thought of getting his picture plastered in the paper for this asinine action jerked the judge back into reality. In the family court system in general, they don’t get either the publicity or the point of their inane actions that make men prisoners or paupers while lining their own pockets and doing nothing for the children.

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Knock me over with a feather!

Carver County gives aid, not jail, to deadbeats

For the first time ever, I am going to give props to a county for it’s child support collection efforts. Why? Because that’s the way you do it. When you offer a carrot, you get a hell of a lot more done than you do when you keep swinging that stick of yours. Congratulations and recognition goes out to Carver County. Keep that story bookmarked as an example of how you are supposed to do things.

Granted, the story doesn’t begin to cover the other issues many non custodial parents face (increased parenting time, etc), but one idea first and this is a good idea. The only “problem” I would see is getting non custodial to trust the county enough to use it. Many of us have not experienced this sort of humanity for government, so rebuilding that trust is going to be hard. But if Carver County keeps this effort up maybe it can be rebuilt.

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One situation you damn well can’t laugh about

I’ve been following the Baby Grace story for as long as I can or at least as long as I can go without puking up my lunch. I would never make light of this case or try to use such a horrible, reprehensible story to score political points in the battle for father’s and ncp’s rights (two things that go hand in hand too often in this country), but this is a warning to every NCP and father out there: stay involved in your kids lives for the sake of your kids lives! Don’t give up, don’t surrender.

And this is a perfect case of why we need both parents involved in a child’s life beyond a mother and a walking ATM machine. We need it at the very least for the child’s safety so both parents can check each other if they are unintentionally stepping out of bounds. By the way, I do NOT believe that is what happened here.

And I can’t help but notice that the mainstream media is downplaying the fact that she filed domestic violence charges against the father (which I’m sure we can all believe from a person who participated in preparing false papers). She makes the accusation, settles with the father, than moves to Texas. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if somebody accused me of that I wouldn’t settle. Write that down somewhere and print up a copy of this news story to remind you why.

If you have the stomach for it, here’s the affadavit from the mother:

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This is just plain jacked up

The Denver Post – Lawyers awarded property next door

I think I’ve found a first. This is the first story I’ve read today that makes all the child support stories (the “deadbeat dads”, the verbatum quotations of the law without any mercy for those who have fallen on hard times) seem reasonable and rational. A judge used a legal loophole to steal the property of a couple because they had been trespassing right across it for 25 years.

And to make this even odder, even the citizens of the People’s Republic of Boulder are up in arms about this one (odd; the first time that I seen them up in arms when beer and football weren’t involved). Don’t get me wrong, they should be. This pretty much makes trespassing a reasonable way to acquire property at low cost.

Oh and yeah, the legal oversight committee won’t discipline them for ethics violations. Sure, sure, Boulder’s version of CYA is in full effect. As one person suggested, I’d go over there with a backhoe and some salt. Hell, now you have to wonder if you see a kid going across your lawn, do you call the police or take care of things yourself (I’m being sarcastic on the latter. . .well, mostly)? You don’t let it go, at least not in the PRB. It could end up being a land grab.

So to the Boulder City Council, keep telling yourselves that you’re really not four miles left of I25 and four miles left of reality. You may believe it one day, even though nobody else will.

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If you’re in Pennsylvania, do support this man!

Man vows to fight paternity statute | Wilkes-Barre News | timesleader.com – The Times Leader

Mark Spaid is fighting a centuries-old doctrine known as presumption of paternity. Under this doctrine, a child is presumed to be that of the parents if it is born during a marriage so that “no child shall be made a bastard”.

And up to the modern era, the doctrine made sense to a certain degree. With the only accurate test at the time being a blood test, you could have arguments about paternity go on and on and on with no real ending to it.

Of course, this is pre-DNA and pre genetic testing that can establish a child’s paternity to 99.999 percent certainty. Yet like several other areas, the law has not caught up yet. In fact, in this area, the law has not even gotten out of the starting gate. One could make very wild speculations about the reasoning (irrational things like the state’s interest in a constant revenue flow), but the fact remains that this needs to be changed and people like Mr. Spaid should be applauded for their efforts.

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Hilarious! Just absolutely hilarious

TheSpoof.com : Government to sell banking details of child support claimants to highest bidder to raise extra cash funny satire story

Warning: this is entirely satire. However, do not pass this along to any CSE workers you know. It might give them ideas, and to this lot ideas are like dynamite: dangerous and best kept from the hands of idiots. I think I just found a new site to bookmark, and so should you!

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